Every one of us are loving San Francisco next

My husbandy as well as I live in an RV as well as the two of us travel across the country visiting all of the appealing landscape. Every one of us have been to the east coast as well as the two of us have seen several of the Midwestern states, then when the two of us arrived in CA, the two of us knew it was a site that the two of us wanted to stay for a long time, but cA has amazing weather as well as scenery. I have seen the desert, snow-capped mountains, as well as rolling amber hills in the same month, then one of the best things about living in CA is having legal recreational cannabis. My husbandy as well as I decided to go to CA in the first site, because of the legal recreational cannabis laws. The prices on recreational Cannabis are lower than somewhere else in the country. My husbandy as well as I settled in the southern section of CA for a while, but the two of us are looking forward to traveling to San Francisco next. Every one of us haven’t visited the bay section at all as well as there are several sites on our list to visit. I am particularally interested in visiting Alcatraz Island. The island federal penitentiary is known for being a fortress as well as there have been several films made about prisoners trying to escape. My husbandy wants to go to the wharf as well as try some of the clam chowder. It is supposed to be better than any other site in the country. My husbandy has tried New England clam chowder as well as he is curious to see if the bay section flavors are genuinely better. I do not care about the flavor of clams, despite the fact that I think some chocolate from Ghirardelli square will be equally as tasty.


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