Wish my dad was still here

When I was fairly young, my father regularly took me to Tingley Beach to go fishing… We always went to the park every weekend on Friday.

Tingley Beach has a couple of ponds that are man-made.

It truly is a great venue to take a child fishing for the first time. There are a good amount of different types of fish in the Albuquerque region, and Tingley Beach is known for catfish and rainbow trout. My dad and I spent countless hours fishing at Tingley Beach and occasionally the two of us decided to rent a paddle boat. My father actually passed away a couple of years ago, but I still think about him often and always when I visit Tingley Beach. Cannabis has been legal for approximately 6 months and I finally stopped at a dispensary last weekend for the first time ever. I was feeling upset and depressed about my dad not being there and I was on my way to Tingley Beach. I was able to get to a cannabis shop close to the region and I went inside to purchase some cannabis supplies. I didn’t even know what to purchase, because it was my first time. I ended up getting a couple of pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes. I took one of those to Tingley Beach in the Albuquerque area. I found a nice quiet spot where I definitely was alone and I easily smoked the joint. I ended up smoking half of it and I started to feel sort of giggly. I had to stay at the park for quite some time, because I was unable to drive back to my residence from Albuquerque until I wasn’t high as a kite. I unquestionably felt that I could feel my dad that day in some type of way. Of course, it could have been the hallucinogenic effect from the strong cannabis.

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