We are loaded with tourists during pride week in San Fran

Living in CA basically means living life without any rules.

I didn’t have the desire to transport somewhere else in the country after I graduated from private school.

I basically always dreamed of living in CA and I was thinking it was going to be the most wonderful place in the world. I used all of my money from graduation to put gas in my automobile and drive across the country. It was the longest trip I ever made and it took 5 days. I slept in my automobile every night except for a single one! That night I went to a hotel so I could shower and shave. I slept incredibly well in the comfy bed that night. When I arrived in San Francisco, I called a buddy of mine. I met the guy online and he told me to call if I was ever in San Francisco! He was undoubtedly amazed that I was in the city, although he provided me with his address and I made the choice to go right to the place. He had an undoubtedly small apartment, but it was right in the middle of Haight-Ashbury. This part of San Francisco is honestly teeming with nightlife, especially during gay pride week. The first time I experienced pride week in San Francisco, I was amazed by the number of people! Everyone was laughing and having a grand old time, and for the first time in my life, I tried legal cannabis! Recreational cannabis is completely legal in CA and shops are basically everywhere in the Haight-Ashbury district. My friends and I made the move to try some cannabis edibles from a dispensary a short distance from our apartment. I had the most thrilling night, but I do not truly believe I would enjoy using cannabis every single day.


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