San Francisco is the place to be

After I broke up with my boyfriend, my best friend recommended heading out to an up-to-date town that has an up-to-date atmosphere. I admittedly wanted to get out of town, although I did not truly know for certain if I wanted to move all the way across the country to San Francisco. My friend made the town easily sound like the most fabulous arena in the world. I visited San Francisco once in the past, plus my best friend plus I had an excellent time. Still, the traffic was rather heavy plus the streets were filled with people. I had to honestly think about the decision for multiple afternoons, but it only took me a short while to pack all of my stuff into the back of my ride. I drove halfway across the country in less than a few days. I was able to remain awake with all types of coffee plus caffeine pills. I did not sleep the whole drive, although I had my pet to keep me going. We enjoyed listening to old CDs in the car most of the time, because the radio stations did not come in often enough… When we passed the CA state line, we began to see signs pretty much everywhere for cannabis dispensaries. That was a fairly major change, because I had never viewed any legal cannabis advertising in my original state of Mississippi. Cannabis wasn’t even legal for medical reasons, plus now huge billboards displayed cannabis supplies on sale. As soon as I got to Sarah’s residence, I unpacked my ride plus took a nap. When I woke up, we decided to walk around the area where we live now. I passed by multiple odd cannabis shops plus each one of them were filled with clients. Living in San Francisco is super different compared to most places.
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