Fixing the AC in a Tampa nightclub

I never really cared about professional wrestling. Sure I watched it when I was little, with cartoonish guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Mr. Perfect, but I stopped watching it when I got older. Fast forward twenty-something years, and I rediscovered my love of wrestling. It turns out that I just needed to see it live, to see the physicality involved and the brutality of the bumps they take in the name of entertainment. I’m not saying it’s real, but it is real entertaining. I work as a commercial HVAC repair tech in the Tampa and St. Pete area, basically as a freelance guy for last minute work. One night I got a call to a local nightclub, in the southern end of Tampa, and they needed their air conditioner fixed pronto. I found out it was so important because they were having a big wrestling show, which was heating the place up a lot more than normal. This put extra strain on the air conditioning and blew it out, so the Tampa club was getting really hot, really fast. I managed to get the HVAC system fixed in just a few minutes, then the owner offered me free drinks to hang around till the end of the show, just in case. In a place like Tampa it can get hot, humid, and sticky, so I decided to have a few beers and watch the show. After that I don’t need an excuse to go track down a show, and any time I see local wrestling promoted in Tampa, I always attend.

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