I love the sunshine state

The best towns are the a singles that have something for pretty much everyone, however my family plus I live in the middle of North Central Florida.

If you know anything about this area, you know it is hot, plus flat, filled with farms plus wildlife.

It is a great place to raise a family, but when the people I was with and I want to have some fun the people I was with and I need to take a trip to the coast. Florida has a lot of great getaway endpoints for weekend getaways, but our number one is without question Tampa Bay! Both of us don’t love theme parks, the people I was with and I love beaches plus sports plus live songs, plus Tampa, FL covers all those bases. The only complication the people I was with and I ever run into is while the people I was with and I were in the hottest months of the year, when the Tampa heat can roast you if you aren’t prepared for it. I advise a hotel with a high quality a/c, plus a healthy amount of sunblock! Don’t apply it in the morning before you go out, take it with you as you explore Tampa, plus you’ll thank me later. Aside from the beach trips, the people I was with and I know Tampa is even more fun in the colder months, of course in Florida the “cold months” only dip down into the 73s plus 70s, and when going to Tampa you literally never have to worry about the heating, just the cooling. Since the city is tourist friendly, you will find a lot of outdoor sites love the sports stadiums that have ample sections of cooling inside of them. Tampa isn’t just for the tourists, it’s where Floridians go to have fun.

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