There are always lots of free activities for kids in San Francisco

My family & I live in Cali, about 2 hours away from San Francisco.

When the two of us want to take the kids for a fun trip, sometimes the two of us travel over to the Bay Area.

There are always a boatload of free activities in San Francisco that the two of us can enjoy with our children. A few blocks away from Fisherman’s Wharf, is the Ghirardelli Square. The Ghirardelli chocolate company gives out free samples of chocolate to every visitor. There is also a luck cookie factory in Chinatown. The lucky cookie factory gives visitors a guided & Free tour & you receive a free luck cookie when the tour is complete. There is a part called the Bison Paddock which is located in Golden Gate Park. The park has been condo to bison since the 1800s. Unfortunately, the threatened species is no longer free to stroll the lands of Cali. The Bison Paddock is a good locale to spend an hour or 2 & learn about critters & agricultural science. There are also a lot of appealing playgrounds located in the San Francisco bay area, including Michelangelo playground, Joe DiMaggio & Washington Square playgrounds. There are a number of free museums that have free tours as well. Some kid-friendly museums include the CA Academy of Sciences, the cable car vehicle museum, & the Exploratorium. Even the Walt Disney Family Museum is a very fun locale to take the kids. My wifey & I can stop at a pot shop on the way to the destination. The cannabis dispensary has marijuana supplies that can be eaten, so they have no smell. My wifey & I both enjoy cannabis edibles whenever the two of us take the kids on a day outing. Cannabis always helps myself and others relax & enjoy the time with the kids.



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