Looking for a few outdoor activities in San Francisco

There are a ton of fun outdoor activities in San Francisco & in the surrounding region.

If you have an entire day & a few dollars to spare, I propose the Muir Woods in SaUSAlito tour.

This fish store takes visitors from downtown San Francisco out to 2 of Marin counties top attractions, then you have time to explore both the Muir Woods & SaUSAlito. The tickets are around $89 each person, but you get a ride in an air-conditioned vehicle & receive a tour while riding across Golden Gate Bridge. The Muir Woods is one of my favorite locales to visit. My bestie & I always visit the Muir Woods when the two of us take our annual trip to San Francisco, Cali. Every one of us have been going to see San Francisco every year since the two of us were a couple. My bestie & I both enjoy going in July, when the Gay Pride Festival is celebrated. Every one of us enjoys going to Cali, because of the lenient recreational marijuana laws, however recreational marijuana has been legal in Cali for a number of years. It has been decriminalized in many of the major cities. Recreational marijuana usage has doubled in the past more than four years & there are a large number of legal marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco & the surrounding area. My bestie & I both usually go to a marijuana dispensary before the two of us visit Muir Woods. It’s quite delightful to visit the woods & see all of the protected redwoods. If my bestie & I ever get hitched, I would enjoy to tie the knot someplace in this natural & protected area. I suppose that the two of us would have the most amazing & appealing wedding photos.



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