I rock my gay pride colors all over the bay area

One of them had a 25% off special for first-time patients

My bestie Pat & I went down to the San Francisco Pride Parade last Sunday. The route took us all through San Francisco’s famous market area, however every one of us went from Stuart Street all the way through 8th Street. The parade had hundreds of multiple groups & lgbtq organizations. The parade lasted for more than three hours! Hundreds upon thoUSAnds of people were lined up and down Market Street. In fact, people were waiting for the parade by 5 in the day. Pat & I found a good spot on the curb with a great view of the street. I wore a shirt with the gay pride colors. My rainbow shirt blended in well with all of the lgbtq colors & flags. I rocked my San Francisco Pride t-shirt all over the Bay Area. Even after the parade was over, I proudly flaunted my rainbow colors. In the early hours of the night, Pat & I decided to visit a cannabis shop. Cannabis is legal in CA & San Francisco has dozens of great cannabis shops. Pat & I don’t correctly use marijuana & cannabis products, but it was a special choice & the 2 of us thought it would be fun. Pat found a couple of weird cannabis shops. One of them had a 25% off special for first-time patients. Pat & I shopped at the cannabis dispensary. When the two of us were checking out, the bartender gifted us an extra 10% off our order, since Pat was wearing her San Francisco gay pride t-shirt. Apparently this partiulcar dispensary was proudly owned by gay & lesbian supporters.

Marijuana Dispensary San Fransisco California