I dropped my best vape pen someplace in the parking lot

I moved out to Cali a couple of months ago.

I got a task in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had to stay in a motel for a couple of weeks, while I searched around for an apartment. I found a small home close by the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens. It is one of my favorite locales to visit. The San Francisco Zoo & the Gardens have a variety of critters & Exhibits. They have mammals, reptiles, and exotic birds from all over the world. They also have a variety of exhibits & several themed Garden areas. There is even a Children’s Zoo. One of my favorite parts about the San Francisco Zoo & the Gardens in CA is the African Savanna habitats. The locale is harshly giant & it almost feels like the two of us have been moved down to a Savanna. There are crowned cranes & ostriches all over the open landscape. There are live shows, discussions & talks every hour to describe the critters & how they live. Cali has legal recreational & medical marijuana laws. There must be 50 cannabis shops in the town where I live. I visited one of these cannabis shops when I was on my way to visit the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens last Wednesday. I bought a great disposable vape pen. It’s genuinely discreet & has hardly any odor. Once I was inside the zoo, I searched through my grey & purple backpack for the disposable vape pen, and unfortunately, I could not locate my cannabis product somewhere. I must have dropped it someplace out in the parking lot on my way to the ticket center.



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