Going to the fisherman’s wharf was a great idea

One of the biggest reasons for my friends & I deciding to take a getaway to CA was due to the legalized cannabis use.

CA has legal cannabis for both recreational & medical purposes. The other states along the western coast also have legal recreational & medical marijuana. I wish the two of us lived in a legalization state, but medicinal marijuana is just now legal in 2021. My friends & I decided to go to Cali for a week. After the two of us narrowed down our choices to San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, or Bakersfield, the two of us ultimately settled on San Francisco because of its deep gay & lesbian history. My friends & I identify as LGBTQ individuals. Every one of us have little nightlife or history in our little town. In fact, the two of us live in a region that is mostly red state republucain with bible belt values. San Francisco, CA seemed like the perfect locale for us to visit. Every one of us found an adequate hotel room close to the bridge. Since the many of us were cutting the price, it wasn’t much more than $72 each. Every one of us genuinely enjoyed the nightlife at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Every one of us went to a weird bar every single night. Every one of us went to the Hard Rock Cafe on Pier 39. Every one of us visited The Buena Vista on Hyde Street. Every one of us also went to Brick & Beam on North Point Street. Every one of us had amazing adventures that week, & the two of us got to enjoy recreational cannabis the entire time. Every one of us paid high prices for the pre rolls, but the two of us had several great cannabis shops in the region & most of them had a first time patient special.

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