Being a vegan is self-explanatory in CA

Before I moved out here to San Francisco, Cali, I had a genuinely tough time finding a great vegan diner. I came from a remote locale where farming is a way of life. Most people raised cattle, pigs, chickens, or grew crops. I never thought that it was proper to kill a critter if it wasn’t needed. Every one of us have plenty of beef in the freezer, but my father still butchered more cattle every season. When I was outdated enough to make my own dietary choices, I decided to become vegan… Being Vegan is more than just a diet. It is also a lifestyle. There are so many foods that have light traces of milk products & I don’t eat any of them. Most of the time I eat fresh fruits & vegetables. There are rare occasions when I sprinkle in faux meat products. Until I moved to San Francisco, Cali, my vegan chances were limited. One of my favorite vegan Restaurants is right down the road from my favorite cannabis dispensary. One of the reasons I moved to Cali is because of the legal recreational marijuana laws. Hardly any of my friends got busted for using marijuana & I didn’t want to end up in jail over a couple of joints. As soon as I found a good task in San Francisco, I packed up my truck & moved. Golden Era Vegan is genuinely my favorite spot to eat. It is close to Golden Gate Park. Golden Era Vegan is an Asian place with truly delicious food. They have flavorful & delicious dishes that include fake chicken & beef. I usually try to order it to go since the religious people inside can be a bit overwhelming.

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