A CityPass is one good deal for visitors & residents

San Francisco has a ton of great attractions & cultural events! There are more than a few different weird and wonderful things to see & do in San Francisco, and one of the best deals for both visitors & residents alike is the CityPass. The CityPass is a single admission ticket that includes 4 different attractions. The Cali Academy of Sciences is one of my favorite locales to visit, it has a huge aquarium, rainforest, the Natural History Museum, & Planetarium! Are more than 40,000 critters living inside the Cali aquarium, then cityPass admission includes all of the exhibits. My kids & I regularly enjoy the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens. It’s open every day of the year & has more than a thousand weird exotic critters. The zoo has a lot of entertainment for the entire family including a steam powered train & musical carousel… No trip to the San Francisco Bay is completely separate from a stop to the local cannabis dispensary. There are more than a hundred weird cannabis shops located in the San Francisco Bay area… Some of those cannabis shops are very close to the attractions that are listed on the City Pass. Since CA has legal recreational & medicinal marijuana, there is no reason not to enjoy these fun & cultural activities with a little buzz. I don’t smoke weed every single day, but I don’t mind enjoying cannabis on the weekend… When my friends & I spend a day in San Francisco, the two of us usually park our cars near the cityPass station & take a trolley all over town. It’s a fun & superb day & a good way to chill and relax.

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