Not that kind of Mexico!

I don’t genuinely pay close attention when our boyfriend books trips for us. My guy just tells me where I am going, how long I am going & what to pack. When my boyfriend mentioned New Mexico, I stupidly thought the people I was with and I were going to Mexico. I was picturing genuinely hot weather, dry sand & interesting Mexican food. I also was prepared to mainly stay in the hotel because of the scary nature of the country. Rather than a long plane ride down to Mexico, it was a short trip to New Mexico. I hastily felt stupid when I realized he was talking about one of the U.S states. I am thankful we ended up going there instead. Obviously the state is seriously safe & the people are friendly. The weather is hot, however not seriously so. There were tons of things I like to do too. I found the local hiking trails genuinely cool. The Volcanoes Day Use Area at Petroglyph National Monument has a tow mile hiking loop that I genuinely liked. There was also Sandia Peak Tramway & Bear Canyon Arroyo Open Space that I hiked around. My boyfriend & I loved the scenic walks. None of them were overly difficult or taxing. The landscapes were just great. We even made a choice to rent bikes a single day & do some of the paved paths. Another pro of the state was the amazing food & legal pot shops. There were tons of wineries that my boyfriend and I could taste & purchase their handmade products. I genuinely liked that. It seems like New Mexico had a little something for pretty much everyone. I am glad that was our trip.

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