My old college roommate is in New Mexico

It is something neat to our area as well

I have an old college pal that lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We genuinely found each other since we lived together in school. We ended up liking each other & started messaging back & forth after school. We now live on opposite ends of the country so it is cool how odd our lives are. I talk about the snow & ice while he talks about the heat. I mention the intense sporting fans of our area while he talks about history people. After hearing about Albuquerque, New Mexico, I do want to go there someday. It would be cool to visit him & also to see some of the things he is talking about. My buddy has mentioned restaurants with homemade breads, local artists painting on the streets & the shopping hub of seasoned town. I think for a long weekend it could be a wonderful trip. I especially want to go there for the crafts too! My college roommate makes instruments. He takes guitars, pianos & hand crafted straps and all other pieces. I have looked at his website & bought a guitar, strap & case before. I genuinely would prefer to see his storefront & look at his pieces in person. When I can, I try to ship him the freshly grown grapes & a bottle of our family’s homemade wine to him. It is something neat to our area as well. I think he has talked about visiting myself and others up north. I hope I see him first though. I think our area will be a letdown after his living in New Mexico his whole life.
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